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Advantages of vacuum tubes, as well as identify methods

Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

Since its 1937 vacuum blood collection tube, increasingly improved product in use, from entering China after reform and opening up, 90 hospitals began using current domestic vacuum blood collection tube has the leading position in medical status. Vacuum blood collection tube and popularity gradually replace syringe blood way, more standardized blood collection techniques and improve sample quality and speed. Compared with traditional sampling technology, and many unique advantages are obvious. Vacuum blood collection tube below some of the pros and how to identify qualified introduced vacuum blood collection tube.

, Identify qualified vacuum blood collection tube five standards

According to People's Republic of China pharmaceutical industry standard YY 0314-1999 IDT ISO 6,170:1995 the provisions of the following five indicators, lack of a qualifying product.

Aspiration volume 1, experiments: suction volume of blood volume, the error is within ± 10%, otherwise, it is rejected. Main problems in the blood are not allowed to be present. Not only does this cause inaccurate test results, and may also cause blockage and damage of the testing equipment.

2, container leakage test: compound solution of sodium fluorescein will be fitted with a vacuum tube inverted in deionized water for 60 minutes, under Longwave ultraviolet light source, normal vision in the darkroom observations without fluorescence, is qualified. Container leaks is the current amount of vacuum blood collection tube for blood the main causes of inaccurate.

3, vessel experiment: centrifuges 3000g centrifugal acceleration of the container for 10 minutes, no collapse is qualified. Strict requirements for abroad are: 2 meters off the ground, vacuum blood collection tube vertical landing does not rupture, which can prevent inadvertently cause damage to the tube, result in loss of specimens.

4, the minimum free space experiment: minimum volume guarantee blood mix. Volume of blood 0.5ml-5ml,> blood +25%; blood volume >5ml, > 15% blood volume.

5 quality ratio, solvent, dissolving solution into the accuracy of experiments: errors should be planted within ± 10% to the required standard. This is easily ignored, and widespread problem, is one of the main reasons causing the test data is not accurate.

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