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Diagnosis of otitis media with what needs to be done to check?

Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

1, drum otoscopy eardrum damage. Otitis media with a crossfire of multiple possibilities, like the tympanic membrane is damaged by one of the external auditory canal into the middle ear road lead to otitis media, because once the eardrum damage, some infection such as bacteria, viruses, sewage will be unencumbered, marched into the ear. So need cheered an Otoscope to check eardrums damaged condition, once the injury is serious, or drugs to make it heal or tympanoplasty surgery to repair.

2, CT scans. This check is otitis media during treatment, one of the most essential checks, through which you can clearly observe the pathological changes in the middle ear, provide a solid basis for taking what treatment method.

Press 3, respectively after the tragus speed binaural respectively test, patients like pulling the Cork sound in the ears that have severe inflammation of the middle ear.

4, hearing tests. Pure music listening and tuning fork tests valve test results to display a degree of hearing loss, severe cases can reach around 40dB HL. Generally dominated by low frequency hearing loss, but due to middle ear impedance change of ship structure and two spring, HF objectively losing air conduction and bone conduction hearing, fluid discharge hearing that after improvements.

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