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Did IVF-fertility cause premature ovarian failure?

Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

Premature ovarian failure refers to the 40-year-olds occurs before menopause, peri-menopausal syndrome or menopause symptoms, low serum estrogen and high gonadotropin concentration in blood, and ovarian reserve is depleted. Diagnostic criteria are: age <40< ⑴ span= "" > years. ⑵ amenorrhea ≥ 6 months of time. C twice (interval of 1 month or more) blood FSH>40mIU/ml. Loss of fertility in patients with premature ovarian failure, menopause symptoms.

Believe that all women are afraid of premature ovarian failure. The follicles of the female is fixed at birth, no new follicles after birth, life around rows of 400-500 follicles, so worried was originally only one follicle every month, entered the ovulation is follicles were later lined up in advance, will therefore premature ovarian failure? that's not true, so today we'll discuss the problem.

First stationary follicle is the process of follicular, early growing follicles (secondary follicles early antral follicle-----------anterior follicle choices follicles), antral follicle growth, mature follicle. Dormant follicles is gonadotropin-dependent, under the influence of genetic factors and local factors. Only secondary follicle stage, only sensitive to gonadotropin, and gradually developing antral follicles, this process takes 60 days, became the gonadotropin-dependent period. As antral follicle to form after arriving in 2mm, which is also through b-all we can see small follicles. Zhihou, granulosa cells increased significantly, further increase in sensitivity to FSH, FSH dependent continues to develop, grow from 2mm to 18mm in diameter, about 25 days, 15 days after the equivalent of the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle.

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