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Ear, nose and throat knowledge: analysis of otitis media with effusion examination 3

Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

1, otoscopy

Chronic otitis media with tympanic membrane perforation, many checks and found children with Central perforation, surrounded by remnants of the tympanic membrane. Minority children with borderline perforation, which means that no remnants of tympanic membrane. Note also that, with or without other sequelae of otitis media.

2, hearing test

Early or several cases only conductive hearing impairment, severe or persistent cases, there are hybrid of mild to severe hearing impairment, more serious may be deaf.

3, x-ray

Recurrent attacks of chronic otitis media with effusion it is easy to leave a legacy, mostly bad see more papillae gasification, mastoid gasification so few good, usually in long hole type of otitis media and trauma of tympanic membrane and the talent to cause more common in patients with chronic otitis media.

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