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Liquid gun purchase

Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

1. Product performance, namely pipettes, accuracy and repeatability for the vast majority of users, performance testing products before you buy is both difficult and unnecessary. Therefore, mainly according to the manufacturer's technical data. But here was to illustrate two points: first, don't believe the seller's oral commitment, be sure to check out the manufacturer's written material, secondly, pipette worldwide influential brands on the market, such as SOCOREX,EPPENDORF and GILSON, which provide the technical data is more reliable.

2. The reliability and durability of the products on the one hand, and depends largely on the pipettes materials. Shell shall have high impact resistance, corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity (such as PVDF material) for the Pistons, currently on the market there are three stainless steel, ceramic and plastic materials. Stainless steel mechanical performance, long life, just not so suitable for use in strong acid strong alkali liquid ceramic has high corrosion resistance, but poor mechanical properties. Of course, quality materials often means higher prices, so the factors that must be considered the purchase price and lifetime.

3. Ergonomic design of the product following what time could be considered mainly:

First, complete with a moving fluid circular thumb moves short distances mean higher comfort;

Second, comparing the same pipette complete drainage of the quantum (have to press it out) the thumb you want, this is the factors of influencing comfort, less means smaller risk of finger injuries caused by long-term use;

Third, handling tips, as is the effort the better;

Finally, pipette the medium weight, being overweight will increase the burden on hand, but light often means the material may be unsatisfactory;

Finally, other computer-aided design, such as shell frosted design as well as hook design helps to further improve comfort. SOCOREX in terms of ergonomics, pipettes in the world are in a leading position in the market, over what time has excellent performance.

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