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Liquid gun use

Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

Range of adjustment

In regulating the scale, if you are from a large volume of transfer for small-volume, follow the normal adjustment, rotate the knob counterclockwise; but if you want to start small when volume up for mass, you can turn the dial knob clockwise beyond the range of the scale first, then back to set the volume so that you can ensure maximum measuring accuracy.

In the process, do not spin out the buttons range, otherwise it will stuck inside a mechanical device and damage the pipette.

Spear head (suction nozzle) Assembly

Spear head (pipettetips) pipette on guns, a lot of people will knock on the head so hard that the box a few times, then the wrong approach, as this would cause liquid gun internal parts (springs) became loose due to instantaneous impact forces struck, even cause the scale knob stuck. Correct way is to transfer a gun (device) in vertical insert gun head, a little hard around slightly to allow it to combine. If it is a multi-channel (such as 8 or 12) liquid, you can aim the pipetting and at the first line of the first spear, and then tilt the Insert, can be clamped to swirl around. Spear chucking logo is slightly more than O-rings, and can see the connections formed a clear seal.

Pipette method

Before pipetting, to ensure that pipettes, spear heads and liquid at the same temperature. Absorb liquid, pipette upright State, 2-3 mm insert gun head under the surface. Prior to the absorption, desorption liquid wetting liquid suction mouth several times (especially drawing viscous or liquids of different densities and water). Can take two pipette method.

Forward pipetting method. Thumb pressed the button to the first stop point, and then slowly release it back to the original point. Then press the button to the first stop point drain fluid, pause to continue to press the button to second stop blowing out the remaining liquid. Finally, release the button.

Second is the reverse pipetting method. This method is typically used to transfer high biological activity of mucous body, liquid, bubble liquid or trace amounts of liquid, its principle is to inhale more than set the quantum liquid transfer liquids without blowing out the remaining liquid. First press the button and the second stopping point, release the button slowly to the origin.

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