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Secret IVF miracle breaking medical records

Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

Foreign media recently reported (the Wuhan evening news, April 13, 2015 A32 reproduced), Adelaide, Australia a man after a car crash death, 48 hours after the doctor remains of sperm retrieval, late husband's wife, through in vitro fertilization finally gave birth to a healthy baby.

Remains of sperm retrieval is not the first, breaking world record of 30 hours after sperm before Christmas baby.

That is how to take sperm in body

Now hospitals have not yet explained the parties, which also aroused public concern, infertility and health industries are focused on this. Director Gong aidong healthy maternity and infant hospital in Wuhan said that under normal circumstances, if unable to ejaculate or injection of semen without sperm, sperm retrieval through testicular or epididymal aspiration biopsy before surgery, drawn from a testicular or epididymal sperm, if not taking the sperm could be further cut testicular, remove the seminiferous tubules, find sperm from the seminiferous tubules. From the related reports, through a higher probability of epididymal or testicular sperm retrieval.

That's how to remove sperm

Fertility of the mother

It was reported that, the High Court granted his wife use late husband's sperm to do artificial insemination. According to the analysis of Health Director Gong aidong maternity hospital in Wuhan, which successfully conceive through in-vitro fertilization techniques to achieve, in simple terms is take the wife's eggs in vitro, sperm of her late husband by the method of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (commonly known as the second generation of test-tube baby) to complete fertilization, and then continue to develop uterine embryo and embryo transfer back to his wife in order to become pregnant.

But sperm after death is a very special case, so how long sperm can survive outside the body? healthy maternity and infant hospital in Wuhan experts point out that semen shoot out sperm decreased significantly after 1 hour if optimized, sperm can survive in culture fluid for more than 72 hours.

Wife after undergoing IVF treatment, in 2014, successfully gave birth to a healthy baby boy, the couple's life was extended and mature test-tube baby technology will continue to make a contribution to mankind.

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