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Easy To Detect Ear Oto Intelligent Otoscope
Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

More recently, the CellScope, a start-up company developed an innovative smart cell phone accessories, named Oto. What it does is basically turn a smartphone into a fully functional, networks of Otoscope is used to check the ears--that is, doctors for medical devices.

Oto intelligent Otoscope

By the Oto is connected to the phone's camera, video recording and you can take pictures of the inner ear. These photos and videos then applications are sent to the doctor on duty can be combined, so as to provide immediate consultation for patients.

But this new kind of consultation services are not cheap. Oto itself for us $ 80 (about 498), and doctors for the first time, though free, but a charge of us $ 50 (about 311 dollars). But if you really don't want to go to see a doctor in person, it may still be worth trying to choose.

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