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How To Treat Otitis Media?
Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

Ear microscopy combined with CZT-8F audio frequency resonance system for treatment of otitis media

Chongqing China loving ear, nose and throat hospital using microscopy with CZT-8F audio frequency resonance system for treatment of chronic otitis media, due to its good effect to win the trust of their patients. CZT-8F is the first international computer-modulated medium frequency and audio frequency resonance system computer ultrasonic double effect simultaneous physical therapy equipment, won the national invention patent. Imported ear endoscope meticulous examination of ear disease, with one key to ensure operation safety is adequately exposed during surgery. Use ear microscopy positioned ears, hidden in the deep lesions, can effectively reduce the difficulty of treatment risk, increase accuracy. Computer-controlled ultrasound, and bio-electromagnetic wave low frequency in stereo formed by stacking mechanism of resonance therapy, is a sound, frequency, heat, electricity and magnetism, the micro-massage and other physical factors-synchronous penetration in focus, form a superposition of audio frequency resonance, physicochemical stereo effect. Drug permeation, music therapy, acupoint-guided and other therapeutic measures can accelerate blood circulation, reduced inflammation and improve hearing, achieve the purpose of cure otitis media and otitis externa. Is the first treatment of otitis media experts at home and abroad.

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