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Medical Tweezers Into The Baby Bottle Sterilization
Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

Chengguan health supervision and a thorough investigation into the "black clinic"

Yesterday, the Health Bureau of health surveillance the Chengguan district, Lanzhou City Branch carried out a thorough investigation into "black clinic" initiative.

That morning, in yanchang road in dujiatai of urban-rural interface, and integrative medicine clinic, a clinic appeared in front of law enforcement officers. The outpatient departments specifically identified on the head which is a traditional Chinese and Western medicine of medical institutions, to treat internal and external, conditions such as women and children.

Walked into the clinic, the reporter found two rooms in total, less than 20 square meters. A diagnosis room and outside pharmacies in simple desk, posted on the wall of one of the famous high-level forum for the exchange of Chinese medicine certificate of honor was especially remarkable. Clinic staff said, honors was his father's, his father's absence. Law enforcement officials ask them to show the doctor qualification certificate and the clinic's medical license to practice. Gannan road Chengguan district, and he was taken to another clinic in the license. He himself is only one of the national General practice education and training certificate of completion.

Law enforcement officers withhold the clinic's medicine and medical equipment, and asked its visiting the health authority to accept further treatment.

Inspections, enforcement officers also discovered a small clinic with no name, the clinic's owner was a man more than 30 years old. Clinic for patients diagnosed with piles of broken wooden table with all kinds of debris, a medicine cabinet next to two dirty glass bottle bubble medical medical equipment such as scissors, tweezers, and spatula.

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