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Multi-functional Miniature Acoustic Tweezers Available
Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

"The methods currently in use have to consume a lot of energy, and may harm or even kill living cells. "Huang Jun, Assistant Professor in the Department of engineering science and mechanics (transliteration)," said acoustic tweezers is much smaller than optical tweezers, consuming 500,000 times less energy. "Due to the small size, acoustic tweezers are available through standard chip processing technology, in the case of no harm to living cells to be manipulated.

Acoustic tweezers are different from other tweezers, it can locate for several small objects at once, or to place them equidistant parallel lines on the grid. Grid layout or structure of the biological application is the most helpful, researchers can test the stem cells in the grid, or with the cultured skin cells of the grid, in order to capture the skin tissues. Meanwhile, researchers may also observe how any type of cell growth. Chun Huang said acoustic tweezers can be used not only in biology, can also be applied in physics, chemistry and materials science, to create nano-particles proof subject to paints or Corrosives.

Acoustic tweezers work by establishing a continuous surface acoustic wave. If the two sound sources relative to each other, and each source emits the same wavelength of sound, there will be a point, makes a relatively sound against each other. This point can be considered as the trough. Because the sound waves have pressure, can contribute to a very small objects. Cells or nano-particles with acoustic mobile until Sonic arrived at the Valley no longer sports. Particles or cells will also stop moving, "falls" into the hollow. If the sound comes from two parallel sources, the trough will form a straight line or series of lines. And if the sound source is at right angles to each other, the trough will form a chessboard evenly offset rows or columns. Similarly, the particles will also be promoted to voice no longer mobile site.

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