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Pipette (pipette) Considerations For Maintenance
Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

If it is not used to make pipetting the scale on the value to the maximum range of the gun so that spring in a State of relaxation in order to protect the spring.

Best regular cleaning liquid gun, you can use SOAP and water or isopropyl alcohol 60% and washed with distilled water and air dry.

Before the high temperature sterilization, to ensure that pipettes adapted to high temperatures.

Calibration is available at 20-25 environment, carried out by the method of weighing and measuring several repetitions of distilled water.

When used to check for signs of spills. After absorbing liquid when suspended vertically for a few seconds and see if liquid is decreased. If leakage, were generally have several aspects:

1, point matches;

2, spring piston is normal;

3, if it is volatile liquid (many organic solvents), there may be a problem of saturation vapor pressure. Can liquid absorption, then liquid.

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