The basic function of medicinal bottle caps - moisture-proof


Plastic bottle is an important packaging form of pharma […]

Plastic bottle is an important packaging form of pharmaceutical packaging, which is generally composed of bottle cap and bottle body. As an important part of packaging, the importance of medicinal bottle caps has become more and more prominent. On the basis of ensuring the integrity and sealing of the packaging, moisture resistance has also become a very important aspect of its basic functions.
The moisture resistance of medicinal bottle caps mainly refers to the packaging of tablets and capsules that need to be dried and stored. These drugs are prone to decomposition, deterioration or adhesion after being affected by moisture, which affects the quality of the drugs and even endangers the safety of patients' medication. Therefore, these drugs have relatively high requirements on the moisture-proof performance of the packaging. On the one hand, moisture-proof is to prevent external water vapor from entering the inside of the bottle. On the other hand, the drug or packaging will also contain a small amount of water vapor during the production process. If there is no intervention, it will affect the stability of the drug.
On the one hand, the medicinal bottle cap achieves good sealing through the interference fit with the bottle mouth to prevent the intrusion of external water vapor. On the other hand, in order to prevent the internal moisture from affecting the stability of the drug, a desiccant is also placed inside the package to absorb moisture.
Ordinary medicine bottles will put the desiccant inside in the form of bags. With the continuous development of packaging functionality, some bottles directly put the desiccant on the bottle cap, which not only saves space, but also prevents children from mistakenly. Food desiccant, this kind of bottle cap with moisture-proof function is also favored by more and more pharmaceutical companies.
Moisture resistance is only one aspect of the function of medicinal bottle caps. With the continuous improvement of various processing techniques, the functionality of the bottle cap will have more room to play, escorting the safety of medicines.