Three sources of moisture in effervescent tablet packaging


Vitamin C effervescent tablets are not unfamiliar to us […]

Vitamin C effervescent tablets are not unfamiliar to us. It contains disintegrants, which will release carbon dioxide gas when placed in water. It belongs to a solid beverage. An effervescent tablet tube is a tube-shaped packaging specimen container that usually has a desiccant on the lid in order to absorb the moisture inside the packaging.

In a specific package, there are three sources of moisture, and the mission of the desiccant is to absorb these three parts of the moisture and control the humidity inside the package below the target humidity. The moisture in the packaging mainly comes from the following three aspects:
1. When the product is packaged, the initial moisture contained in the air in the package.

2. The moisture contained in the packaging materials in the effervescent tablet packaging will gradually be released during storage and transportation to form moisture.

3. During the storage or transportation of the product, the water vapor that penetrates into the product packaging through the barrier packaging.