Two common types of medicinal bottle caps


plastic jar are an important form of packaging for medi […]

plastic jar are an important form of packaging for medicines. Oral liquids, tablets, capsules, pills and other medicines all choose this type of packaging. As an important part of medicine bottle, the type of medicinal bottle cap also shows a diversified development trend according to different drugs.

Rubber stopper aluminum cap: It is composed of two parts: butyl rubber stopper and aluminum cap. The rubber stopper has the characteristics of good air tightness, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. A reaction occurs that affects the safety of the drug.

Green high is a very strong material, which has the advantages of buffering, shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc. It is destructive after opening and can prevent theft. The rubber stopper is perfectly matched with the aluminum cover, which improves the sealing performance of the package. Generally, this type of cover is selected for oral liquid or injection liquid drugs.

Plastic bottle cap: This kind of cap is generally made of polyethylene or polypropylene, which is processed by injection molding, hot pressing and other processes. In order to make the bottle achieve good sealing, it will be used with aluminum foil gasket or PE foam gasket. The medicines with this kind of cap are mostly solid medicines, and some medicines also put a desiccant on the bottle cap to prevent the medicines from being damaged by moisture.

At present, rubber stopper aluminum caps and plastic caps are the two main types of medicinal caps. With the continuous development of new drugs, these two caps have gradually added functions such as child-proof opening on the basis of basic functions to prevent children from opening. Randomly open the package and accidentally ingest the drug.