What are the requirements of capsules for tablet bottles


Capsule is a common pharmaceutical dosage form, which r […]

Capsule is a common pharmaceutical dosage form, which refers to a capsule made of special film-forming materials, and the contents or doses are put into it for easy swallowing. Tablet bottle is a commonly used packaging form for this type of medicine. As a commonly used medicine, what are the requirements for packaging of capsules?

Airtightness: Airtightness mainly refers to the ability of the tablet bottle to block the intrusion of external impurities and gases. This is mainly related to the material of the bottle, the degree of cooperation between the bottle cap and the bottle mouth. In terms of material, this packaging mainly uses polymer materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene or polyester. These materials have good barrier properties and can prevent the external environment from invading the interior. The degree of cooperation between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap mainly considers the accuracy of the product. In general, a cap that can achieve an interference fit is very important to improve the sealing performance of the packaging.

Moisture resistance: The medicines in capsules are generally powders or granules that are irritating to the esophagus and gastric mucosa, or have bad taste, are easily volatile, are easily decomposed by saliva in the mouth, and are easily inhaled into the trachea.

These medicines are packed into capsules, which not only protect the medicinal properties of the medicines from being destroyed, but also protect the digestive organs and respiratory tract. The capsule shell is generally composed of gelatin, polysaccharides, vitamins, etc. If it is wet, it is prone to sticking and softening, which affects the quality of the drug. Therefore, the tablet bottle must also have good moisture resistance.
On the whole, the requirements of capsules for tablet bottles are mainly reflected in sealing and moisture resistance. In addition, if some capsules are sensitive to light, they should also be protected from light.