What Is a POP Top Bottle?


A POP top bottle is the most common child resistant pac […]

A POP top bottle is the most common child resistant packaging container . They come in many sizes and opacity options, making them an excellent choice for storing medical marijuana flower.

They seal in freshness, lengthen potency and protect from rough handling. They can be custom printed and are compliant with state regulations for safe storage and distribution.

These bottles have a hinged, circular cap that clicks into place to fully seal the container. They are a popular alternative to the "Push Down & Turn" style containers, as they are much easier to open.

Pop top bottles are the perfect solution for a variety of applications, from gummies and candies to pre-rolls. They are also great for storing small amounts of herbal medicine, natural supplements, vitamins, fishing hooks, jewelry beads, seeds and so much more!

Amber Plastics Are Best For Packaged Products
The amber plastic used in these bottles are BPA free and safe for use with edibles and herbal medicine. They block more UV rays than clear or transparent containers, which can degrade THC and other cannabinoids.

Glass bottles are beautiful and sturdy, but can be fragile and break easily. They are more expensive than plastic pop top containers, which can hold a lot of product and be reusable multiple times.

A good way to open a flip-top or swing top bottle is with the help of a spoon. Position the spoon under the lip of the cap and, using the base of your thumb as a base, pry it loose. Another option is to use a screwdriver.