What Is Sharp Container?


Sharp container is a plastic container specifically des […]

Sharp container is a plastic container specifically designed for safe disposal of needles and other sharp medical instruments. These containers are puncture-proof and leak-proof, and come with a lid that seals to limit access to the waste inside.

A sharp device is any device that has a blade or other edge that could cut or pierce the skin. These include needles, syringes and lancets used in the home or workplace to manage medical conditions for people and pets.

Needle and syringe disposal: In the United States, most containers are red with a biohazard sticker to help health care providers recognize them during collection. In other countries, containers are usually yellow and have an internationally recognized symbol.

Lid options: Some lids have a side-entry slot or foot-operated feature that limits the size and type of sharps that can be placed inside. Others can be locked in place to prevent tampering with the lid or opening.

Household containers: If an FDA-cleared sharps disposal container is not available, some organizations and community guidelines recommend using a heavy-duty plastic household container instead. These containers should be leak-resistant, remain upright during use and have a tight fitting, puncture-resistant lid, such as a plastic laundry detergent container.

Once the container is full, dispose of it in accordance with your community guidelines. Do not throw it in the trash or recycle bin with regular garbage. Contact your local trash or public health department (listed in the county and city government section of your phone book) to find out what your specific community's disposal options are.