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Which Just Don't Fit With IVF
Tiantai Biolife Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2015

What is artificial insemination? What is artificial insemination? Artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, what is the difference? One letter difference, but the meaning has made all the difference.

Artificial insemination is different from artificial insemination

What are the conditions for artificial insemination?

What is artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination is the male sperm artificially into female intrauterine or cervical, methods of assisted conception. Mainly used for male infertility. Man has an abnormal sex organs, like small penis, hypospadias, impotence, premature ejaculation, such as disease or the woman has cervical stenosis, unexplained infertility, artificial insemination between spouses that are available.

What is artificial insemination?

So-called assisted insemination, is to take the sperm or eggs in vitro, after processed or develop into embryos, then implanted in your body. Treatment for which we are most familiar with is the "test-tube baby".

Fertilisation in vitro embryo transfer (IVF): also known as in-vitro fertilization refers to after you take out the eggs and sperm, respectively, at in vitro fertilization, and then---embryo before the embryo develops into a fetus in the womb. IVF is to use artificial ways to make eggs and sperm for in vitro fertilization and early embryonic development, then transplanted to babies born out of development in the womb.

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