Centrifuge tube introduction and instructions


According to size Many centrifuge tubes (1000mL, 250ML) […]

According to size

Many centrifuge tubes (1000mL, 250ML)

General centrifuge tube (50mL, 15mL)

A few centrifuge tubes (1mL, 1.5mL, 0.65mL, 0.1mL)

According to raw materials

Plastic centrifuge tube, laminated glass centrifuge tube, steel centrifuge tube

1. Plastic centrifuge tube

The advantage of the plastic centrifuge tube is that it is completely transparent or transparent, its strength is small, and the gradient direction can be removed by puncture. The defect is easy deformation, poor solvent corrosion resistance and short application cycle.

Plastic centrifuge tubes have a cap. Its function is to avoid sample leakage, especially when it is used with radioactive materials or highly corrosive samples. It is very important to avoid sample leakage; another function of the tube cap is to avoid sample evaporation. It's suitable for centrifuge tube to avoid deformation of centrifuge tube. In the case of choosing this point, also pay attention to check whether the tube cover is tight, and whether it can be tightly closed during the experiment, so that it can be turned upside down and does not leak;

Everyone knows that in plastic centrifuge tubes, common raw materials are high-pressure polyethylene (PE), polycarbonate (PC), polypropylene (PP), etc. Among them, the characteristics of polypropylene PP tube will be relatively good. Therefore, we are choosing plastic When centrifugal tubes, try to consider polypropylene plastic centrifuge tubes.

2. Laminated glass centrifuge tube

When using glass test tubes, the centripetal force is not suitable to be too large. Rubber plates must be used to avoid pipe crushing. Generally, centrifuges do not use glass test tubes. If the outer cover of the centrifuge tube is not well closed, the liquid cannot be filled with oil (for the centrifuge and the angle motor rotor is used) to prevent outflow and imbalance. The adverse effects of outflow are environmental pollution of the motor rotor and suction filter cavity, which endangers the normal operation of the induction switch. During ultracentrifugation, the liquid must be filled with oil in the centrifuge tube. Because of the ultra-separation, the vacuum pump must be pumped. Only full oil can prevent the centrifuge tube from deforming.

3. Steel centrifuge tube

The steel centrifuge tube has high compressive strength, no deformation, heat resistance, cold resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. Its application is also very common, but it should also be used to prevent contact with strong corrosive chemicals such as strong alkali, Strong acid etc. Minimize the attack of this compound.