Disposable virus sampling tubes instructions for use


Disposable virus sampling tubes instructions for use 1. […]

Disposable virus sampling tubes instructions for use
1. Prior to sampling, indicate sampling information on the label.
2. Samples were taken at the corresponding sites using sampling cotton swabs according to different experimental purposes.
3. After sampling, quickly place a swab into a disposable virus sampling tube, break the spot when it is damaged, and tighten the tube cap.
4. Newly collected specimens can be transported to the laboratory at room temperature.
5. The specific sampling methods are as follows:
Nasal collection: the swab tip was gently inserted into the nasal cavity for sampling, the other nasal sample was collected in the same way using another swab, and the swab tip was immersed in decapitated sample solution.
The throat and swabs are collected together: throat samples invade the sample solution from the swab head to the tail snip.
Disposable virus sampling tube precautions
1. Store at room temperature and send inspection within five days.
2. Viral sampling tubes to be used for in vitro diagnostics only.
3. Virus sampling tubes are for trained personnel only.
4. Protective measures should be taken with gloves and masks when using virus sampling tubes.
5. Waste sample collection solutions should be sanitized.
6. If it is found that the sample storage solution has expired, this storage solution is indicated to be turbid and leaked and is prohibited.
7. It should be prohibited if it is found that the packaging of the sampling swab is damaged.
Disposable virus sampling tube product characteristics
Samples were taken with linter swabs.In contrast to conventional swabs, fibers are easily trapped by crevices in the fiber mass, i.e., the sample is infiltrated, diluted, and entrapped in the fiber.The linter cotton swab uses a unique nylon lint implantation technique with excellent sample collection and release capacity, and the release rate can reach 90%, much higher than that of the cotton swab fiber.