How effervescent tablet packaging protects drug safety


Effervescent tablet is a relatively novel pharmaceutica […]

Effervescent tablet is a relatively novel pharmaceutical dosage form. Different from ordinary tablets, it uses organic acid and basic carbonate (hydrogen) salt to react as effervescent disintegrant. When put into water, effervescent reaction will occur rapidly and release. A lot of carbon dioxide gas. As a special dosage form, how can effervescent tablet packaging ensure the safety of the drug?

To ensure the safety of reversible cap bottles , we must first ensure a good storage environment, which requires better sealing of effervescent tablet packaging. This kind of packaging is made of polyethylene or polypropylene, and the raw materials have good barrier properties, which can isolate the invasion of external impurities. Also, to keep effervescent tablets safe, make sure they don't break during transport. There is a coil-shaped spring on the lid of the package, which is soft in texture and compresses the tablets, preventing them from breaking due to violent shaking during transport.
On the whole, in order to protect the safety of effervescent tablets, on the one hand, the sealing of effervescent tablet packaging must pass the test. On the other hand, there is a coil spring on the lid to ensure the safety of the drug during transportation.