How to choose centrifuge tube


Use of centrifuge tubes Can be used for cell culture co […]

Use of centrifuge tubes

Can be used for cell culture conveniently and safely

Sample preparation of microbial strains and biological laboratory

For storage of large volumes of samples or aqueous solutions

Applicable to the preparation of premix and buffer solution


Safety design scheme, convenient practical operation, guarantee the best sample solution. The 15mL and 50-meter L cone-bottom centrifuge tubes are not only suitable for cell culture and cell biology scientific research, but also for microbial strains and biological laboratory sample preparation steps. Regardless of carrying out suction filtration, stirring or other applications.

Selection of centrifuge tube

Physical characteristics

The centrifuge tube body is made of PP material and the tube cover is made of HDPE material, both of which can withstand the ultra-high pressure of 121°C.

There are many elements that harm the organic chemical resistance of test equipment, so the real organic chemical resistance lies in the specific experimental standards. Chemical substances can harm the compressive strength, ductility, surface characteristics, color tone, appearance and net weight of plastic products. The basic principles that led to this transformation are as follows:

(1) Chemical substances destroy the polymer chain and cause the lack of physical properties, including air oxidation; reflection of functional groups on the chain in the chain; depolymerization effect.

(2) Changes in physical state, including softening and swelling of plastics caused by solvent digestion and absorption; solvent penetration by plastics; dissolution in solvents.

(3) "In-situ stress cracking agent" reflects the in-situ stress cracking caused by internal and external in-situ stress.

When loading experimental reagents in the centrifuge tube, the relevant hazards of the centrifuge tube to PP and HDPE must be considered. Centrifugal force

The centrifugal dehydrator separates the samples according to the centrifugal force, and the instantaneous speed and the rotation speed ratio are the key parameters. The instantaneous speed is set relative to the gravitational acceleration g (9.81m/s2) of the earth's atmosphere. The key to the actual effect of suction filtration is considered by the relative centrifugal force (rcf). Compared with the speed per minute ratio (rpm), the relative centrifugal force is more accurate.

Centrifugal dehydrator compatible

Excellent pairing can ensure the consistency of the centrifuge tube in the whole process of application, and will not be deformed or damaged.