Is the EP tube the same thing as the centrifuge tube?


EP tubes are not the same thing as centrifuge tubes and […]

EP tubes are not the same thing as centrifuge tubes and they contain a different range of specifications.
The EP tube is a small centrifuge tube because it is known to be manufactured exclusively by Eppendorf (Germany), which is known to produce 1.5-ml volumes.Can be used with a microcentrifuge, mainly for the separation of minor reagents.

That is, the EP tube is the centrifuge tube, and the centrifuge tube is not necessarily the EP tube, the larger range of which the centrifuge tube contains, and has more specifications, from this aspect the EP tube is not the same thing as the centrifuge tube.

Extended data
Classification of centrifuge tubes:
Aliquot large volume centrifuge tubes (500ml, 250ml), common centrifuge tubes (50ml, 15ml), microcentrifuge tubes (2ml, 1.5ml, 0.65ml, 0.2ml) according to size.
Follow the shape of the bottom into conical centrifuge tubes (the bottom is conical, is the most used centrifuge tube type), flat bottom centrifuge tubes, round bottom centrifuge tubes.
Aliquot into centrifuge tubes with screw cap according to the method of cap closure
Follow the materials: plastic centrifuge tube, glass centrifuge tube, steel centrifuge tube