• How to Open a POP Top Bottle

    How to Open a POP Top Bottle

    A POP top bottle is a standard, nondescript child-resistant container that is widely used to store medical marijuana flower. This type of packaging is a popular choice for dispensaries because it's a cost-effective way to package and distribute cannabis products. They are also incredibly lightweight... read more

    Feb 17,2023 News
  • What Is a POP Top Bottle?

    What Is a POP Top Bottle?

    A POP top bottle is the most common child resistant packaging container . They come in many sizes and opacity options, making them an excellent choice for storing medical marijuana flower. They seal in freshness, lengthen potency and protect from rough handling. They can be custom printed and are co... read more

    Feb 10,2023 News
  • What Is Sharp Container?

    What Is Sharp Container?

    Sharp container is a plastic container specifically designed for safe disposal of needles and other sharp medical instruments. These containers are puncture-proof and leak-proof, and come with a lid that seals to limit access to the waste inside. A sharp device is any device that has a blade or othe... read more

    Feb 03,2023 News
  • What are the advantages of specimen container?

    What are the advantages of specimen container?

    A specimen container is a container that is used to store and transport samples of biological material, such as blood, urine, or tissue. These containers are typically made of plastic or glass, and are designed to be leak-proof and tamper-evident. They usually have a screw-on or snap-on lid, and may... read more

    Jan 28,2023 News
  • What Is a Sharp Container?

    What Is a Sharp Container?

    A sharp container is a type of specialized waste bin that is designed specifically to store and dispose of hypodermic needles, lancets, and other medical instruments. Its lid is usually lockable, making it secure and safe for use. The materials used in the construction of a sharps container are desi... read more

    Jan 16,2023 News