What problems should be paid attention to in the design of pill box


   1. Determine the function of the box   This is the i […]

   1. Determine the function of the box
  This is the inevitable reason for the existence of packaging. First of all, you have to clarify what is the most direct functional requirement for customizing a pharmaceutical packaging box. In the process of functional feasibility study, it is necessary to clarify the requirements for functions, accurately realize the necessary functions of the packaging box, eliminate excess functions, and improve the lack of functions.
  2. determine the structure of the packaging box
First of all, it needs to be clear that whether it is a medicine packaging box or not, the structure is divided into two parts: the inner and outer parts. The internal structure focuses more on the convenience and safety of use, while the external structure focuses more on the aesthetics and publicity. It requires constant modification and improvement by the designer. Therefore, designers need to establish an overall concept and correctly handle the organic connection between the internal and external structures of the product.

   3. Determine the shape of the box
The research on the shape of the packaging box includes proportional design, linear design, etc. The overall design proportion should be coordinated and have a certain sense of beauty; the linear design should consider the main and secondary, consistent styles, so that people can quickly judge the attributes of the details. And know how to do it. It is important that the shape conforms to the structure of the packaging box, and the structure and assembly relationship must be clearly displayed. No matter how perfect the shape is, it can only be an empty shelf without the structure, meaningless.
   4. Determine the material of the box
   Exquisite packaging boxes are inseparable from beautiful materials. The choice of materials directly affects people's visual and tactile perception of the product, and directly affects the artistic style of the product. Therefore, different structural parts of the product should be made of different materials according to usage habits and needs. If you want to make printed medicine packaging boxes, you might as well go to Jiarunlong Printing.
   5. Determine the color of the box
   In fact, in some cases, color is more important than form and quality. Therefore, at this stage, the color of the packaging box must be clearly positioned, and the main color and auxiliary color should be selected. At the same time, we must also consider the natural environment and social environment used, pay attention to the preferences and taboos of certain areas, and pay attention to the habits of using various colors.