How to Open a POP Top Bottle


A POP top bottle is a standard, nondescript child-resis […]

A POP top bottle is a standard, nondescript child-resistant container that is widely used to store medical marijuana flower. This type of packaging is a popular choice for dispensaries because it's a cost-effective way to package and distribute cannabis products.

They are also incredibly lightweight and simple to use for customers. They can be made with a clear or opaque finish and are available in sizes from 6 dram/1 gram to 90 dram/21 grams.

These bottles are great for storing loose flower, buds, edibles, concentrates and more. They protect your products from air and light, both known to degrade cannabinoids like THC.

Pop tops are a great option for on-the-go consumption because they're convenient to pack and travel with. They're also odor-proof, which helps keep your product fresh on the go.

If you don't have a bottle opener nearby, there are plenty of other ways to pry open a pop top bottle. For example, if you have a lighter around, place it under the lip of the cap and squeeze to force it open.

Another handy tool is a flathead screwdriver. Position it under the lip of the cap and tap it on the counter to loosen it up.

A spoon can work if you have one nearby, too. To use this method, grip the bottleneck with your nondominant hand and position the spoon under the lip of the bottlecap, using your thumb to help you pry it off.

This method may sound a little silly, but it can be surprisingly effective, especially if you're a novice bottle opener. It's probably best to keep a sharp pair of scissors on hand as well, since they can provide some leverage.