What is the function of the anti-theft ring on the cap of the effervescent tablet tube?


  Plastic anti-theft medicinal bottle caps are cur […]


Plastic anti-theft medicinal bottle caps are currently the most commonly used packaging form for bottle packaging, especially in the field of beverages. Effervescent tablet tubes, oral liquid bottles, etc., then, what is the role of the anti-theft ring on the effervescent tablet tube?

The anti-theft ring is a small circle under the bottle cap. It is also called a one-time broken anti-theft ring. Unscrew the cap and the anti-theft ring will fall off and stay on the bottle. We can judge whether a bottle of water or medicine bottle is complete according to the state of the anti-theft ring. still opened. From the appearance of the bottle body, it is generally impossible to see that someone has touched the bottle, and the design of the anti-theft ring solves this problem very well.

The anti-theft ring on the bottle cap of the effervescent tablet also has the function of preventing counterfeit and shoddy products from entering the market. After the effervescent tablet is used up, the effervescent tube is easy to be embezzled. Therefore, most of the medicine bottle caps have adopted the anti-theft ring structure.

Effervescent tablets are a kind of health care products, which are widely used in people's lives. Whether it is from the packaging or the quality of the medicine itself, the health and safety of consumers should be considered. Although the anti-theft ring on the cap of the effervescent tube will increase a certain cost for drug companies, the economic benefits it brings are far greater than the cost itself compared to the sense of security it brings to consumers and the establishment of brand image.