Centrifuge sample product test tube neglected technique


The laboratory often uses centrifuges to process sample […]

The laboratory often uses centrifuges to process samples to separate the substances in the samples, especially the crystalline impurities of blood plasma, serum, and liquid medicine. The placement of the centrifuge sample tubes is actually skillful. It's not a good thing with half the effort. Let's introduce it below.

Basic requirements for making and placing sample test tubes

When making samples, try to make sample test tubes with the same mass or volume as much as possible, or make the samples made as small as possible in mass or volume. When placing, try to place samples of the same mass or volume, close mass or close volume in the test tube holes of the symmetric centrifuge sample compartment. In this way, the balance and stability of the centrifuge during high-speed rotation can be maintained to the greatest extent, the vibration during operation can be reduced as much as possible, and the centrifugal effect can be accelerated.

How to place a sample tube

There is only one sample, we can make a liquid test tube with the same quality as the sample according to the situation of the sample. This liquid can usually be replaced with water. After making it, press "2 Sample Placement Method" and place it in a symmetrical position.

How to place 5 sample tubes

1 You can make an alternative centrifuge tube according to the processing method of one sample tube, and then follow the "6 sample tube placement method" to do it.

2 You can also centrifuge 4 samples first. After the centrifugation is completed, only 3 samples will be taken out, and the remaining uncentrifuged sample can be placed in the symmetrical position left in the sample compartment, and then centrifuged again.

3 You can also centrifuge 4 samples first, take out only one after the centrifugation is completed, and place the remaining uncentrifuged sample at the place where it was taken out, and then centrifuge again.

How to place 6 samples

6 samples can be placed in 6 test tube holes of the entire sample compartment. However, it is still necessary to observe when placing: the principle of placing in the same mass and same volume and the principle of placing near mass and volume.