Home medicine cabinet design, home medication care is more reliable


The domesticization of medical products has gradually b […]

The domesticization of medical products has gradually become a trend, and the same is true for medical kits. As people’s health awareness gradually increases, simple medical first aid and health care at home have become a modern and healthy lifestyle. More and more types and materials of medicine boxes and medicine bags have gradually appeared, such as small household medicine boxes, Home first aid kit, home smart medicine box, etc.
The home smart pill box uses the Internet of Things technology to interact with the corresponding APP from time to time to realize intelligent reminders to take medicine on time, take the medicine according to the amount, and take the medicine according to the required order. It is very intelligent and convenient to use. This is also a popular trend in modern medicine cabinets.
Modern and simple style design, this multi-functional medicine cabinet is designed to think about problems from the user's point of view, people-oriented, and detailed analysis in terms of space utilization and convenience. The design of the space compartment is reasonable and the appearance design is novel, highlighting the practicality of the product. With its beautiful appearance and high space utilization, it can provide users with an intuitive, simple and comfortable experience.

One-piece appearance, beautiful and generous. PP plastic box, non-toxic and odorless, sealing, waterproof performance, high strength. PVC material outer box sticker, waterproof and moisture-proof, strong and durable. The arc-shaped outer edge and thoughtful design prevent babies from being injured by bumps. Compartment design, reasonable space utilization, convenient storage and convenient access.
The home medicine cabinet is different from the professional medical equipment used in hospitals. Most of its target users are ordinary groups who do not have professional medical knowledge. This point should be fully considered in the design of the parents’ medicine cabinet, based on human needs and user experience, and adhere to the humanized design concept, so that the product not only meets the user’s physiological characteristics, but also meets the various psychological needs of people as much as possible. The user feels comfortable, relaxed and convenient when using the product.