What is the use of sharp tool box?


The sharp tool box is made of brand-new polypropylene p […]

The sharp tool box is made of brand-new polypropylene plastic, and generally has three styles: round, spherical and square. The circular planning has outstanding economy and useful performance. It is a more popular sharp tool box in the domestic market. So what is the sharp tool box for? The intention of using sharp tool box is to prevent infection and put an end to unsafe injection. The main functions of the sharp tool box are as follows:

1. Collect needles of disposable articles such as syringes and infusion sets.
2. Collect medical small glass products, all kinds of blade, scalp needle, suture needle and other sharp instruments.
3. Collect the whole set of syringes with blood, blood transfusion sets and other medical devices in contact with blood.
4. Other rules need to put sharp dangerous goods such as medical sharp tools into sharp tool boxes.
Tips: the sharp tool box is disposable, and the medical waste put into the sharp tool box should not be taken out. It is necessary for the medical waste disposal unit to recover the waste within 24 hours and completely incinerate it within 48 hours.

1. The sharp tool box is made of hard material, closed and stab proof, so as to ensure that under normal conditions, the contents of the sharp tool box are not
Leakage, and once the sharp tool box is sealed, it can not be opened again without damage.
2. PVC material should not be used in the sharp tool box when high temperature heat treatment technology is used to dispose the damaged waste.
3. The overall color of sharp tool box is light yellow, and the color shall meet the requirements of Y06 in GB / T 3181. The sharp tool box should be printed on the obvious side
The warning sign shown in drawing 1 is "warning! Damaging waste ".
4. The sharp tool box with full capacity falls freely from 1.2m height to the cement floor for three consecutive times without cracking and being stabbed
Wear, etc.
5. The size of sharp tool box is determined according to the requirements of users.