Why do we have to use pathological specimen bags


In modern medicine, the use of pathological specimen ba […]

In modern medicine, the use of pathological specimen bags has become increasingly necessary.Why is this? Why is the pathological specimen bag unnecessary? What benefits can it bring us?
First of all, we should deeply understand the relevant characteristics of the pathological specimen bag, such as what kind of material to use, what specifications, how the structure and so on.Pathological specimen bags are made of plastic and generally have five specifications: large, medium and small. The mouth of the bags is encrypted and sealed, and the outside of the bags is labeled.
When we use the pathological specimen bag, we first put the pathological specimen into a suitable bag, put the specimen fixative solution into the bag, seal the sealed mouth, mark the patient's name, the serial number of the pathological application form, the hospitalization number, the name of the specimen on the label outside the bag, and send it to the pathology department for examination with the pathological application form.

The label of the pathological specimen bag is very clear and the packaging is standardized, which can prevent many unnecessary accidents in medicine and promote the unity, cooperation and coordination between the operating room and the pathology department.
Therefore, we can see that the use of pathological specimen bags is very necessary, and the management of specimens is very important in the operating room. Specimens from previous operations are usually placed in discarded plastic bags or empty bottles, marked on the bags, and centrally sent to the pathology department for pathological examination.
Because of the unclear label, the non-standard packaging often causes the loss and errors of the specimens, and because the bag mouth is not tightly sealed, inadvertently causes the tipping of the specimen fixative during the transportation process, which leads to the degeneration of the specimens, contamination of the surrounding environment, and so on, resulting in many contradictions between the operating room and the pathology department. Therefore, the hospitals are all disposable specimen bags for storing specimens, after clinical use, the effect is good.