Medical biohazard bags

Medical biohazard bags


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Biohazard Specimen Bags

These biohazard disposal bags can be used for disposal of biohazard waste and contaminated material such as bandages, gloves, soiled dressings and blood borne pathogen cleanup. The biohazard bags are red with a large BioHazard symbol printed on each bag. All size of the bags are available.



1. Acid and alkali resistance
2. High temperature resistance
3. Resistance to puncture and pulling
4. Disposable, environmentally friendly and recyclable
5. Used for temporary storage of infectious waste


Bag Type Size  Capacity in Liters Color Features
Flat Bag 42*48cm 20 Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,Black/White Bio-Hazard Symbol,Autoclave,Temperature indicator,Tear/burst resistant,Leak Proof
64*89cm 50
79*97cm 100
Star Seal Bag 42*48cm 20
64*89cm 50
79*97cm 100
Drawstring Bag 42*48cm 20
Adhesive Bag 50*76cm Depends on bag size
Gusset Bag 40+20*90cm 20 Bio-Hazard Symbol,Autoclave,Temperature indicator,Tear/burst resistant

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