1QT/1L Sharp Container

1QT/1L Sharp Container

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Our Medical Waste Container

sharp container and sharp box are exported to Europe, Middle East countries, American countries and so on.

You can select from our complete series products and customized products are available
as well. We manufacture them based on your sizes and shapes.

Wall mounted Sharp Container:

The automatic rotating chamber is designed to safely deposit sharps into the puncture resistant container. If necessary, sharps can be dropped manually by using the actuating lever.



-Horizontal drop maximizes the use of the container
-Puncture resistant molded plastic, translucent red color
-Containers may be nested for compact storage
-Available in sizes small (1qt.), medium (5qt.) and large (8qt.)
-All sizes may be mounted to the wall using optional wall mounting bracket
-5 qt. and 8 qt. containers are also ideal for countertop use
1qt: approx. 3.86"W x 3.86"D x 6.15"H (9.8 CM x9.8CM x 15.6CM)
5qt: approx. 10.5"W x 4.75"D x 10.75"H (26*8CM x12.1CM x 27.4CM)
8qt: approx. 11.75"W x 6.75"D x 17.75"H

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