Does the sharp tool box need to be capped before use


We should all know that the sharp tool box is used to h […]

We should all know that the sharp tool box is used to hold syringes, infusion sets and other disposable items; all kinds of blade, scalp needle, suture needle, ampoule, small glass and other sharp instruments, the collection of blood with the whole set of syringes, blood transfusion sets, blood bags and other medical equipment in contact with blood; and other provisions put into the sharp tool box of medical dangerous infectious goods. But should the sharp tool box be capped before use or after use? According to the regulations, the sharp tool box needs to be covered before use. And when the sharp tool box is filled to 70% of the volume, the sharp tool box should be closed: rotate the red rotating disc on the top cover clockwise. After hearing the sound of "quack", press hard on the raised part of the red top cover, and the whole sharp tool box will be locked safely. Some people put forward that the sharp tool box should be covered first, so it is more troublesome for nurses to put in sharp weapons.
According to the national regulations, the sharp tool box should be capped first, and 70% of the box should be sealed. Because the waste in the sharp tool box is easy to cause pollution, there will be no serious pollution in daily life. However, if we do other major disease tests and discard the waste sharp weapon box, we should pay attention to it. This is a very important and rigorous thing. We should be responsible for ourselves and others. The purpose of first capping is to prevent scratch or accident caused by touching sharp tools with hands when it is over full. Moreover, if there is residual liquid in the appliance, the back cover is easy to drip out. If you walk along the river, it is safe not to give him a chance to wet his shoes.