Features of sharp tool box


Features: the sharp tool box is made of rigid plastic w […]

Features: the sharp tool box is made of rigid plastic without PVC, which has the basic functions of puncture resistance, no leakage, no cracking, easy combustion, and can not be opened normally after being closed; all sharp tool boxes are yellow, and the front of the box indicates "harmful waste", and is printed with "medical waste warning sign"
Relevant regulations of sharp tool box:
1. The sharp tool box is made of hard material and sealed to ensure that the sharp instruments contained in the box will not leak under normal use. Once the sharp tool box is sealed, it can not be opened again without damage;
2. The sharp tool box can prevent puncture, and the sharp instruments such as syringe needle and broken glass can not pierce the sharp tool box;
3. The sharp tool box with full capacity falls vertically from 1.5m to the cement floor for three consecutive times, and the sharp tool box will not crack or be punctured;
4. The sharp tool box is easy to burn, and PVC plastic is not allowed to be used as raw material for manufacturing;
5. The overall color of the sharp tool box is yellow, and "damaging waste" is indicated on the side of the box;
6. The warning signs of medical waste affirmed in Article 5 of these Rules shall be printed on the sharp tool box;
7. The size of the sharp tool box can be confirmed according to the user's request.