This paper introduces the usage of sharp tool box in detail


Sharp instrument boxes are containers used to place use […]

Sharp instrument boxes are containers used to place used needles, leather needles and other harmful medical waste.Materials should be brewed from materials that are not easy to fall, with warning marks on the surface.
Choose the right sharp box.According to the relevant provisions of the National Regulations on the Administration of Medical Wastes, when 3/4 of the items in sharp objects are full, the lid of the box should be closed in time.The maximum time shall not exceed 48 hours, and the collection and centralized disposal shall be carried out by the recycling unit on the same day.Choose the appropriate size sharp instrument box according to the needs of departments to avoid waste.
Install the sharp box correctly.Connect the box body to the box cover, press down forcefully and install it as a whole.Rotate the red rotating disc on the top cover left and right to open or close the sharp instrument box, rotate counterclockwise to open, and rotate clockwise to close.
Use sharp box correctly.If the opening of sharp instrument box is small, when there are more sharp instruments in the bending plate.Dumping too fast will often cause sharp instruments to accumulate on the box cover or splash onto the ground, causing re-pollution, and accidentally will cause needle stick injury.Some nurses often suffer from inadvertent operation and lack of awareness of safety and protection, but when they encounter patients concealing their illness, needles contaminated by unknown viruses pierce the skin, which can not be treated symptomatically in time and seriously endanger life safety, regret will be too late.

Bright colors, eye-catching sharp box, always remind us that here are filled with dangerous things, "Pandora box", forbidden to touch with hands.Closing dangerous goods in the box in time is like closing the valve of disaster, leaving the word safety behind.
Good habits should be practiced in the work of using sharp boxes. Everyone should abide by them and protect their own safety while ensuring the safety of others'lives.