When does the sharp box cover during use?


Before use, or when two-thirds full?The operation of ca […]

Before use, or when two-thirds full?The operation of capping before use is particularly inconvenient.
Needles for disposable items such as syringes and infusions; sharp instruments such as various blades, scalp needles, suture needles, ampoules, small glasses, etc., to collect the whole syringes with blood, blood transfusers, blood bags and other medical equipment contacting blood; other dangerous infectious articles that are put into sharp instrument boxes according to other regulations.
Features: The sharp box is made of rigid plastic without PVC, which has the basic properties of puncture resistance, no leakage, not easy to break, easy to incinerate, and can not be opened normally after closure. The whole sharp box is yellow, with "damaging waste" marked on the side of the box body and "warning mark for medical waste" printed on it.
Relevant regulations of sharp instrument box:
1. The sharp instrument box is made of hard material and sealed to ensure that the sharp instruments contained in the box do not leak when the sharp instrument box is in normal use. Once the sharp instrument box is sealed, it cannot be opened again without damage.
2. Sharp instrument boxes can prevent puncture, and sharp instruments such as syringe needles and broken glass sheets can not puncture sharp instrument boxes;
3. The sharp box filled with quantity falls vertically from a height of 1.5 m to the cement ground for three times in a row, and the sharp box will not appear cracking or puncture.
4. Sharp boxes are easy to incinerate, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics should not be used as raw materials for manufacturing.
5. The overall color of sharp instrument box is yellow, and "damaging waste" is marked on the side of the box body;
6. The warning signs for medical waste determined in Article 5 of these Provisions shall be printed on sharp instrument boxes;
7. Specification and size of sharp instrument box can be determined according to user requirements.
Use method of sharp instrument box:
1. Installation of sharp instrument box: Install the box body and the box cover into a whole body under the pressure of docking force.
2. Rotate the red rotating disc on the top cover left and right to open or close the sharp instrument box. Rotate counterclockwise to open and clockwise to close.
3. Collection of syringe needles: Put the needle into the water droplet hole, stuck at the interface between the syringe nipple and the needle, press the syringe needle gently outward and downward, and the syringe needle will fall into the sharp instrument box automatically.
4. Collection of sharp parts of infusion apparatus: Hold the hose of infusion apparatus by hand, insert the sharp parts into the large opening of the top cover, and use scissors to cut, then the sharp parts fall into the sharp box.
5. Sharp instruments such as blades or glass, syringes for blood pumping and transfusion, blood-borne contaminants such as infusion sets, etc. can be directly placed in the top large opening.
6. When the sharp instrument box is filled to 70% of the volume, the sharp instrument box should be closed: turn the red rotating disk on the top cover clockwise, and after hearing the sound of "chuck", forcefully click on the raised part of the red top cover, and the whole sharp instrument box will be locked safely.